Since 1984 PACE has been providing Square Footage Calculations and As-Built Floorplans for owners and managers of commercial properties.  PACE is the leader in technology for our industry. We pioneered and utilize a Laser-to-CAD drawing system for surveying and creating As-Built Floor plans. The system significantly reduces time in the field, increases accuracy, and is very much a "green" process. To date PACE has measured and drawn nearly 1 Billion square feet of properties across the country. The drawings can be used for multiple purposes; Marketing Plans for leasing, Tenant Improvement work, Square Footage Calculations, etc. This is an initial step in developing a database for the ongoing management of data and floorplans for a property. Once the database for a property is developed it can be used as an important leasing/marketing tool for prospective tenants, and can be continually updated as the property changes.  We offer a wide variety of services that can help Property Managers, Brokers, and Owners, maintain, lease, and market their properties.