Square Footage Calculations: Leasing & Sales

From Accurate Square Footage Calculations, to Marketing Plans - PACE can help you market your Vacant space. Tenants prefer to look at space that has a Floor-plan, pictures, and accurate square footage, as well as CAD files for any Tenant Improvement work that might need to be performed. PACE can gather all this information quickly and accurately, so you don't loose that tenant to the building down the street. PACE can also help with prospective Tenant Calculations, and subdividing up current tenant space, we call these "What If's". We know that time is of the essence for these calculations so PACE promises a 24 hour turnaround time* on What If's.

If you are selling property you need to make sure the plans, and square footage are represented accurately. Also making sure any As Builts, or Building Changes are accounted for. PACE can gather this info with our Laser-to CAD software and provide it on detailed Floor Plans in CAD, or other formats. This will not only help you assess your property, but adds value to a prospective buyer. This will make both parties confident in the purchase and sale of the property knowing all aspects of the property, and the respective square footage's.

"WHAT IF" Example