CAFM/BIM: 3D Laser Scanning/Modeling

PACE now offers 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling for Existing Properties. This technology is state of the art, and is the most accurate way to measure and draw in 3D. It enables us to take a Virtual "picture" of the space in real time, and to exact scale. This is extremely effective for highly detailed projects in order to gather all the information to effectively setup a 3D Model. With a 3D Laser Scan we gather the 2D floor plans information at the same time as we gather the 3D heights, and elevations, thus doubling the amount of information we collect in the same amount of time. The 3D Laser Scanning is an effective tool in setting up BIM Models for existing properties.

PACE can also add a photographic survey to these 3D Scans, enabling our clients to see the spaces in 3D with actual finishes, and images layered on top of the point cloud. This is an effective tool in sharing information with potential tenants, construction, designers, and architects. Contact PACE to find out more information on this technology.