CAFM/BIM: Process

Computer Aided Facilities Management is a process to automate the collection and maintenance of facilities management information. CAFM systems provided the facility manager/property manager with the tools to track and report on facilities information. PACE can provide a CAFM system to track and maintain the following items.

  • Floor plans
  • Square Footage Calculations, and Usage
  • Employee and occupancy data
  • Fire, Life and Safety Information
  • LAN and Telecom information
  • Property information
  • Furniture and Equipment

PACE can also add another level of detail into CAFM with the use of BIM technology (Building Information Model). BIM can be used to demonstrate the entire properties life cycle which also includes the processes of construction and facility operation. BIM also adds a 3rd dimension allowing user to see their facilities in Real Time 3D. Materials, and Assets can be easily identified and located, scopes of work can be defined, and processed quickly. Systems, and usage can be shown in real time across the entire facility or group of facilities.