As-Built Floor Plans: Photographic Surveys

PACE can provide detailed Photographic and/or videographic surveys in either 2D or 3D (photographic) for your property. These photographs can be linked to the actual Floor Plan, or As Built to show particular areas. The photographs can be used for multiple purposes, from Marketing to Re-Finishing.

PACE has used these photos in conjunction with Marketing Plans to showcase Spaces, Property Features, and Interior/Exterior finishes. The photos can also be used to show in detail any damages to a property. For example - Broken Tiles, Exterior Signage, Interior Spaces, Electrical/Voice/Data socket damage, etc - These photographs can be accurately placed on the floor plan for location, and assessment by engineers or repair facilities.

Contact PACE to receive our detailed As-Built Checklist for all items that can be photographed and linked to your Floor Plan.

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