As-Built Floor Plans: Process

Laser-to-CAD and other advanced technology enable PACE to collect data and generate all drawings on site - in real time. Field issues and questions about field conditions can be addressed immediately with the use of the internet and digital photography and videography.

PACE has the expertise to combine experienced surveyors with the latest technology to offer a wide range of services. Our clients have the opportunity to benefit from accurate CAD data, readily available building information at considerable cost savings.

PACE can gather a wide range of items for an As-Built Survey. Items listed below are just a few - to receive a more detailed list, please request our As-Built Checklist.

Some of PACE'S Services for As-Built Survey

Doors, Windows, Stairs, Windows, Millwork, Plumbing, Patios, Ceiling Plans, Columns, Roof, Elevations, Sections, Floor Heights, Electrical/Voice/Data, Mechanical Plans, HVAC Plans, Exterior Site Plans, Signage Placement, Path of Travel, Fire Plans, etc