About Pace: History

Established in 1984 by Terry and Jody Resnick, PACE is the leader in the evolution of computer-based Square Footage Calculations, Building Measurement, As-Built Floor Plans and Building Data/Lease Information Management. PACE pioneered the use of advanced Laser-to-CAD to capture accurate architectural field data. This technology has enabled us to provide the most accurate data with the fastest turnaround time. We coined the name “Space Accounting” as an overall description of our focus.

PACE prides itself on creating long term relationships with our clients, in order to properly maintain the properties we have in our system. PACE is continually researching and advancing new Technologies to help expand our services, reduce costs, and improve accuracy.

PACE has been instrumental in the evolution of the BOMA measurement standards. In 1995 Terry Resnick served on the BOMA International Committee that updated the standards for the first time since the early 80's and in June of 1996 the new BOMA standard was released. The 1996 Standard remained in effect until 2010. Jody Resnick is serving on the  current standards committee and for the last 3 years has been instrumental in developing the 2010 BOMA Standards. Having this knowledge enables  PACE to provide its clients with an advantage based on our intimate knowledge of the application of the standards. PACE's clients are better able achieve their goals for measuring their properties.

PACE offers Client Education with regard to better understanding these new Standards.