About Pace: Technology

PACE invests significantly in research and development of new software, hardware, surveying tools and techniques.

We pride ourselves with being on the cutting edge of technology. Prior to our innovations, buildings were measured and drawn entirely by hand. Errors in the field measurements and subsequent square footage calculations were not typically discovered unless or until someone else measured or produced plans for tenant improvements. In 1984, PACE was first to introduce the use of CAD for the preparation of detailed drawings, square footage calculations, management and storage of client floor plans and data. 10 years later, PACE was first to employ the use of laser measurement devices, thus substantially increasing accuracy and reducing the turn-around time for each project. By the year 2000, PACE was working with the developers of the next generation of field measurement technology. Laser-to-CAD catapulted the process to new levels of accuracy and time savings for our clients.

The finest example of the use of this technology was our ability to field measure and draw, more than 3,300 branches of Bank of America, under contract with Jones Lang LaSalle. This massive project was completed in 10 months, and was completed ahead of schedule.

Today, our technological advances continue to provide PACE with a tactical advantage in the industry.

For our projects we utilize Laser Distance Meters for the interior and total stations for elevations, and complex projects - these units are linked to our Mobile CAD software, and enable us to Survey in Real Time. PACE can leave the job site with a finished drawing, enabling us to be 100% confident in our deliverable.